forward thinking, forward building | TCM is a venerable mechanical and plumbing contractor that has been leading the industry for over 60 years. As their industry evolved, they realized that their culture and capabilities had outpaced their brand. In order to attract the best clients and personnel, and evolution of the brand was in order, from top to bottom. The brand repositioned TCM into the best-in-class contractor they are.

  • The Felt Hat was instrumental in helping me shift TCM’s brand perception in the marketplace at a critical juncture of their business. At the time, TCM was shifting their culture, processes, technologies and organization toward a more progressive, innovative approach to the market.

    We had just completed a new multi-year strategic plan for the business and needed to execute on that plan both internally and externally. What was impressive about The Felt Hat was that they took the time and made the effort to completely understand the company’s strategic plan before translating that into a powerful brand strategy. To me, this was unique and powerful…and rarely happens in my world. The Felt Hat worked seamlessly with executive management to execute their work with the results exceeding expectations.
    Peter Arrezini, President & CEO
    Action from Strategy