Shriram Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering Center | Many of the world’s leading researchers are working to scale up breakthroughs in molecular engineering to create new advanced medicines and materials that will improve human health and the environment. |  The storytelling challenge at Shriram is that the research is performed scales difficult for the general public to connect with the benefits that will one day be experienced at the scale of our daily lives. Images of research at its microscopic scale are enlarged and contrasted with images of the natural world impacted by research on thirty four ten foot tall glass walls throughout. They are contrasted by other images of phenomenon we . | The four story mural at the grand stair illustrates the relationship between bioengineering and chemical engineering. It portrays the evolution of bioengineering research and phenomenon on one side and chemical engineering on the other. The artwork doubles as an enormous acoustic panel. | With this fourth building complete, the entire quad is linked by one grand story of collaboration and innovation.

  • Atria Artwork:
    Title Unknown, 2014
    Paul Mort, Nicole Misiti, Don Rood

    5001 pages of the Stanford University syllabus,wadded paper, toner, dye pigment, adhesive and wood, mounted into subsurface plywood panels.

  • The artwork is permanently mounted directly into the wall outside lecture hall entry to Shriram Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering Center.Each piece of paper is painted to create a five-way lenticular puzzle. The initial approach – straight-on at eye-level – reveals only hints at underlying patterns. As the viewer moves to different places in the building, one can discern one of three different mazes, all different styles, and only one of which can be solved.

  • I noticed something new in the green atria today. Your work is truly sublime. It’s so beautifully realized. Better than anything I’ve seen or even imagined.
    The spotlight creates a stunning soft back glow off the paint. The various patterns/stories emerge naturally.
    Folks who don’t know the piece seem really curious about it. The adjacent stairs will get a good workout.
    There are so many layers of meaning.It’s wonderful.
    Thank you so much.

    Asst. Prof. Drew Endy, PhD.
    School of Engineering
    Stanford University