Breathing new life into a venerable Portland brand. | Rejuvenation has become widely recognized as the leading maker and seller of period-authentic lighting and house parts. This is the good news. It’s also the bad news. They want to own the category, but if they aren’t careful the category could own them. They had done such a good job at positioning their themselves as old house geeks, their wide array of beautiful fixtures had become lost on potential customers owning mid-century or contemporary homes and condominiums. | Remaining relevant required understanding that emotion and personal taste drive purchasing. Historic authenticity is important to a particular fixture’s story, but not to the story of the home, which is more eclectic, personal and creative. | We transformed the Rejuvenation brand by re-thinking copy voice, merchandising, catalogue design and photography and retail design. |  Influential bloggers in the home design space are writing about the newfound relevance of the entire product line. Once again, the trade sector looks to them as thought leaders, which in turn inspires new retail customers.