Oregon Ballet Theatre | During artistic director James Canfield’s tenure, Oregon Ballet Theatre attracted new audiences by producing more original choreography than any city ballet company in the country. Previous branding efforts focused only on those who had purchased ballet tickets in the past, ignoring broader audiences. As a result, the company’s vitality was not effectively communicated, and ticket sales were dropping steadily. The re-branding effort was driven by the identity of individual productions rather than preconceptions of what ballet should look like. Posters, collateral and ads therefore were designed to express the unique characteristics of each new program, portraying OBT as it truly is: innovative, dynamic and prolific.

  • The tenth anniversary of Artistic Director James Canfield’s own Nutcracker celebrated the costumes designed by Campbell Baird. Mr. Baird’s original drawings are central throughout this year’s materials.

  • The Nutcracker brochure is designed to be made into holiday ornaments.