Live with Passion. Play with Style. | Inspired by Mario’s brand position as an expert fashion editor, the 3.10 store is a kind of fashion magazine – telling tightly edited stories at focal points throughout the store. 3.10 is an intimate series of interlocking rooms encouraging one to wander without ever feeling lost. Like your best pair of jeans, the rooms fit the body and are sized according to biometric proportions. A focused palette unites the store while its varied application renders each room unique. Conceived more as furniture than fixtures, the furnishings are built to endure. They are fashioned by Portland artisans from local wood and common steel, and enriched with hand-rubbed finishes. The work table anchors the denim room. It is the largest in a series of tables related by sequentially dimensioning Golden Sections. As the social center of the store, the site of daily customer lay downs, regular trunk shows and the occasional DJ station, it embodies Mario’s Play with Style ethic.