A currency of ideas. | The College of Business at Oregon State University prepares students to thrive in an integrated world economy. While currency is the fuel of commerce, in education, the most valuable currency is shared ideas, knowledge and inspiration. This brand value and materials used in Hacker’s use of copper in the facade of Austin Hall provided the inspiration for a comprehensive re-brand, signage, environmental storytelling and public art.

  • The pattern scales with the size of the sign type. Overhead wayfinding is the largest. Suite signs are the finest.

  • Calling cards replace name inserts typically used for suite signage. This eliminates an expensive and cumbersome practice of managing the identification of occupants.

  • Perpetual Motion (below) is a dynamic, digital representation of current world market activity. Live feeds from markets in Asia, Europe and the U.S. are rear-projected onto a high-gain projection film. The data feed is augmented by two, overlapping, slow-motion looped videos of a bull and bear That are locked in endless creative tension. Their interaction creates constantly changing, unexpected compositions.