Rejuvenation Lighting & Hardware

Brand Strategy ,

Over the years, Rejuvenation has become widely recognized as a maker and seller of period-authentic lighting and house parts. This is the good news. It’s also the bad news. They want to own the category, but if they aren’t careful the category could own them.

They have done such a good job at being old house geeks, their wide array of high quality fixtures can be lost on potential customers owning mid-century modern homes, or urban condominiums.

Our challenge has been repositioning Rejuvenation as relevant to a broad base of consumers without alienating their core customer – or worse yet – waffling on brand values.

We meet on a weekly basis year round with their entire product and marketing team. We set annual brand strategies, updating them for each major marketing initiative. Involving key members of each product category, the marketing, retail an online team members ensures a cohesive approach benefitting from the talents of everyone involved. The weekly meetings are energetic, encouraging constant brainstorming and recalibrating efforts. This spirit of collaboration is the hallmark of our most successful clients.

Every facet of the brand has been reconsidered. It begins with a comprehensive strategy aligning every effort in the company – photography, styling, catalogue, retail, identity, vehicles, packaging and advertising. Historically, their lighting and house parts in strictly period appropriate homes predictably styled. While accurate, only a fraction of their customers actually buy lighting from a preservationist point-of-view. Most live in eclectically furnished homes unique to their personal history and style. The brand is now more closely aligned with the way people actually shop and live in their homes.

Rejuvenation is now enjoying a renaissance with renewed vitality and broader customer reach.

In November of 2011, Rejuvenation was purchased by Williams Sonoma.