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Niketowns were regionalized, their identities informed by specific local geography and culture. Denver, for example, features a color palette derived from aspen trees, and the women’s shoe wall evokes the flash and whisper of the leaves.

The vernacular of the trail is the ubiquitous forest service trail sign – routed in pine, painted brown and infilled with cream. This language was adapted to all the men’s ACG display and furniture.

Installation describing Mt. Everest climber Brent Bishop’s campaign to remove trash from other climbers’ ascents. The wall presents several of the hundreds of oxygen tanks that have been retrieved through his efforts.

Inside the pavilion the vernacular is adapted to storytelling and furniture. The shoe wall features a collection of USGS maps familiar to all backpackers.

Nike led the market in presenting women in the gym as serious athletes with goals and abilities equal to men. Yet they are a different psycho-graphic and require a different type of authentic message. In this pavilion we were responsible for all visual, the shoe wall, benches, rugs, video display and signage.