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Live with Passion. Play with Style.
A deeply respected fashion and luxury retailer whose reputation was limited to industry insiders and whose brand failed to express a cohesive sense of style, luxury and passion.

The re-branding effort centered on the belief that an appreciation for luxury is not a devotion to expense. Rather, it’s an enthusiasm for artisanship and high craft. Mario’s is a devotee of the world’s greatest fashion designers and their most impassioned and discerning editor.

Mario’s 3.10, Play with style.
Mario’s is recognized and relied upon as an expert fashion editor. Mario’s 3.10 performs this role by functioning as an editorial metaphor – the space itself is a kind of fashion magazine. It is also an expression of the Mario’s 3.10 mix of high and low or European refinement and American grit.

A Show of Hands
A custom deck of cards designed and illustrated exclusively for an annual evening of poker at Mario’s. Traditional face cards are modified with wardrobe more fitting to an event with one of the fashion industry’s most influential retailers. The deck was altered and reprinted in successive years.