Marios Seattle | 2007 marked the beginning of an enduring relationship with Mario’s, one of the country’s iconic, independent luxury retailers. The ensuing partnership has resulted in a body of work that includes brand strategy, creative direction and design of fashion books and collateral season after season, two web sites, a new sub-brand and store for Mario’s 3.10. And most recently, a renovated flagship store in Seattle and will continue in the next year with an expansion and remodel in Portland. In 2018, Mario’s Seattle flagship’s completed its first renovation in 30 years. The women’s floor was redesigned to highlight the historic, ornate column capitals, double the overall square footage and expand the fitting lounge. The men’s floor is designed to meld the core store with shop in-shops to create a coherent brand experience. All wall fixtures are designed to appear permanent but can be quickly reconfigured seasonally and flex with changing merchandising demands.