OHSU One Day

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What happens in a 24-hour period at an academic health center?

On September 20, 2006, more than a dozen professional photographers, OHSU employees and others set out to find out.

In dramatic and engaging photographs, they documented a day in the life of Oregon Health & Science University. From Portland to Eugene to Coos Bay to Bangkok, Thailand, they captured hopeful patients, skilled and compassionate healers, youthful and ambitious students, and focused researchers at moments of challenge and inspiration.

They also captured the vital work of hundreds of other professionals who make OHSU work: people who schedule services, maintain equipment and grounds, prepare food, administer programs, counsel and support patients, raise funds and more.

One Day is a visual diary of an enormously complex institution with a profound mission—to improve Oregon’s health and well-being. It also documents an important moment in OHSU’s institutional history – a moment of transition, vision and aspiration.