Web Design

The business card re-imagined as an online business tool

BizBuilt is an online environment that finally makes the online world habitable for business. It lets businesses and professionals connect, do work and be found. All in one place, and with supreme privacy and security.

BizBuilt is the answer for business professionals looking for a way to be discovered online by the people who matter most to them. It’s a place where they can interact and share information with customers and business associates in a secure and highly controlled environment, dictated by their own preferences. This takes the social out of networking and restores it to its rightful place… beside business. And when they want to do work, all the tools they used to find on other sites are now all in one place. For free.

Over the past nine months we have designed BizBuilt’s identity and web site, supporting it with positioning, voice, messaging and video animation. The site is currently in soft beta release.