If you have never sat facing a 6-foot-5-inch obelisk while you work, I hadn’t either so I can’t begin to know how to start to think about what a normal reaction is. Most agencies have some painting hanging in the lobby or standout piece of decor that sets a specific mood and defines an intended meme. Your first day on the job you notice it, but as time passes it blends into the background – not at The Felt Hat. Every time I look up from my computer, there it is…

The obelisk was the creation of Paul Mort, Randy Higgins (of Vizwerks) and Don Rood –  commissioned for an evening gala at the Portland Art Museum in 2010. Based on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Presence album, it stands six-and-a-half times of the size of the original and is constructed from over 600 album covers.