…out of the bag

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There is a moment in one’s design education when you first learn all of the steps from inception to production. I took Intro Graphic Design my freshman year of high school. The first thing that Chuck Taylor (that was really his name) did was rattle out the steps, “Thumbnails, roughs, revisions, pasteup, masking/stripping, shooting camera ready art, making a plate, printing and finishing.”  The short explanations that accompanied each stage made the process sound simple. I thought that once I had learned the steps, the design process would become easy…

As any designer knows that running a project according to a plan and keeping it on schedule is the rare exception – not the rule. One of my first projects at The Felt Hat was to design the shopping bag for the newly revamped Rejuvenation brand. The concept, design and revision process went so smoothly that it’s ease felt almost foreign. I almost felt guilty.

Above are process shots, comps and photos from the press check.