Commencement Part 8: Closing

I am not sure sharing my lessons with you here this evening will help you push more hours into the happy column than you might otherwise had we never met. If my experiences can assist, they are yours for the keeping.

I will leave you now with a few more questions I would have liked to answered for myself twenty-five years ago:

How would you like to spend your 83,520 hours?

How will you feel about the effort 60,000 hours in?

Can you act with enough intention to feel they were hours well lived?

Will you be a different person at 40,000 hours than you were at the end of the first 8?

Will you be who you hoped?

Or better still, someone you never realized you could be?

Whatever your answers, my wish is that you find many happy hours toiling among your labors of love, always in the company of that seductive mistress Creativity.

Thank you for the honor of including me in your celebration.

The M&Co clock shown above has hung in our studio since the day we opened – a gift from my old friend Kar Wai Wu.